The Adventures of LuLu the Pup: COVID-19


Mama and Daddy have been spending a lot of time at home lately. I love it! We wake up in the morning and Daddy gets up first, then goes downstairs while I sleep with Mama. I love when Daddy gets up because then I can spread out over the bed. I love sleeping with Mama, but sometimes she kicks me on accident. That’s okay, I still love her.

Mama and I cuddle together in the mornings until she has to get up, too. When she wakes up she gives me all the hugs and kisses I want. I give her some kisses, too, and snuggle my head into her chest. Sometimes she hugs me so hard I can’t breathe, so then I have to push her away for a bit with my paw. But not for long, because then she cuddles me again. I love cuddling with Mama.

When she gets up, I like to sleep on the bed for a little while longer. Usually when Mama and Daddy leave I have to go in my kennel, but they’ve been home so much I can stay on the bed for as long as I want. After awhile, I get up and go lay in the bathroom while Mama gets ready. I never like to be more than 10 feet away from Mama and Daddy. I have to keep them safe.

Daddy stays downstairs during the day and sits at a table with a big square on top that he clicks on. Mama sits in the office with another big square that she clicks on. I don’t know what the squares do, but they seem important. Sometimes I hear people talking on the squares. I don’t know how they got in there, but they seem okay so I don’t worry about it too much. I wonder if they have doggos inside their squares, too.

I love when Mama and Daddy are home because they let me outside whenever I want. I stand on the porch and stare out over my kingdom. The grass has been getting greener and tastier. There are more acorns and sticks for me to chew on. There are also a lot more squirrels in the yard lately. I chase them as fast as I can so they know to stay away from Mama and Daddy.

When I come inside, I curl up in the office with Mama, or I lay by the front door, so I’m right in between Mama and Daddy. Never more than 10 feet away. Daddy opens up the door so I can stare out the giant window and watch. I make sure no squirrels are in the yard. Sometimes other people and doggos walk by. I watch them, too, just to be safe. As long as they pet me or play with me, they’re fine.

My favorite part of Mama and Daddy being home is going on runs. Every day, right as the sun starts to go low, they come and get me from outside with Pink Leash. I love Pink Leash. Pink Leash always means we’re going on a run. I love running. Daddy holds Pink Leash, and I run right by him. I’m very fast. Sometimes I hear a noise and get scared so I run in between Mama and Daddy. Just to be safe.

I don’t know why Mama and Daddy have been home so much, but I love it. These last few weeks have been the best of my life! I get to eat, play, run, hugs and kisses whenever I want! I hope Mama and Daddy never have to leave again. Life can’t get any better.Untitled_design-removebg-preview

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