Living Water

Like a raft lost at sea

is my heart within me

Drifting, drifting away

wishing I could stay

But how to find the time

when my schedule is so prime

Filled up to the brim

without a space for whim

I toss and turn in the wave

my soul, a simple slave

For whatever lies ahead

just longing for a bed

A place where I find rest

and don’t have to do my best

I see my light far off

His face, gentle and soft

My guide through all of this

but oh, how I will miss

The second I come near

my heart begins to fear

And I drift away again

into the sea of men

Where days turn into weeks

and the years make me feel meek

As I search for time that’s free

but never really find me

I see Him on the shore

and want Him even more

Shepherd and overseer

if only I were freer

Draw me into your coast

and I shall never boast

In mine own strength again

with action, speech or pen

Tie my raft to you

and free me from the blue

Release me from the world

let me be unfurled

To find my solid rock

and never leave your dock.


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