Hello, welcome to the “About Me” page! I suppose now I get to tell you all about me. You might have guessed, but my name is Pamela Kilzer. The three most important things in my life are: Jesus, family and macaroni and cheese. Popcorn is also up there.

I love the Lord, and know that without Him I would not be who I am today. I try to glorify Him every day of my life, but know that I often fail. Fortunately, He’s a lot more faithful than I am, so He still holds me close, even when I screw up. Through everything in my life, God has always been a firm foundation for me.

My family is also a critical component of what makes me who I am. I have an incredible husband, Dakoda, and I am utterly blessed to be his wife. He’s the most amazing person you could ever meet, and I don’t say that in a generic way. I mean genuinely: he is the most humble, kind, gentle, sacrificial person you could ever know. I love him. Right up there with Dakoda is my son, Ezra. He’s one now and is completely insane. Ezra never stops moving, never stops laughing, never stops loving life. He is the greatest little boy. Finally, (not pictured), our family includes a mutt named Luna. She’s part Australian Shepherd, Border Collie and Labrador, which means she’s 100% energy and pure love.

And these three are just the beginning! We’re also surrounded by our close-knit families, our church community and some truly valuable friends. You really just can’t get through life without a support system surrounding you.

As far as my hobbies go, I love reading, running and watching movies. I read 41 books last year and hope to up it to 48 this year. I collect quotes, (literally, in a shoe box in our office, I write them all down on note cards), and I’m terrible at cooking, so my staple foods include macaroni and cheese, popcorn and Doritos.

I love writing like I love sunsets. It warms me up from the inside out, makes me feel like there’s a bigger purpose in this life and makes me want to explore more. But I also miss the magic sometimes. It comes and goes in seasons—sometimes there’s something beautiful there, and sometimes there’s not much to work with. Then, when it tugs at my heart again, I come back.

Sometimes there are things in this world that you know you were just born to do. You can feel it in your heart, through every fiber of who you are, down to the tips of your toes. That’s writing for me. Thank you for joining me.