30 Content Ideas to Use in Marketing Efforts

When it comes to the marketing efforts within your nonprofit organization, you know content matters. You have heard the speech before: Your website should constantly have fresh, updated content which reflects your mission and promotes your cause. So you try to keep the blog updated and stay up-to-date on the latest trends.

Still, we know how difficult it can be to constantly come up with content ideas. There are only so many blogs you can write, right? Wrong. Content means more than just blogging or having a great website homepage. We compiled a list of 30 content ideas to use in your nonprofit’s marketing efforts.

  1. Blog. First and foremost, the age-old classic: a blog for your nonprofit organization (NPO). Blogs create consistent, interesting content to share on your website, which keeps visitors interested and informed on your nonprofit’s mission. Not sure where to get started? Check out our article on 20 Post Ideas for Your Nonprofit’s Blog.
  2. Photography. A picture says a thousand words. Include photos whenever possible in the content marketing your organization produces. Pictures can speak to your constituents even more than words can sometimes, and shows them the true face of your cause.
  3. Video. Videos can be even more engaging than photos themselves. Whether your video is a behind-the-scenes look at the nonprofit, a promotional advertisement or something completely new, try video within and outside of your website to see how it can build your content brand.
  4. Vlog. A vlog is the best of both words: video and blog. Vlogs are often easier to consume than their blog counterparts, and can be a fun way to mix things up within your content marketing. Take some of the blog post ideas we shared and see how those can be adapted to a video format for your constituents.
  5. Infographic. Infographics are the epitome of content marketing. Not only are they easy to consume, but they can get your point across quickly and efficiently. If you want to try making your own infographic which relates to your cause—but are not sure where to start—check out some free online options, such as Canva.
  6. Interview. Interview an employee, board member, volunteer, donor or client, and see how you can use the interview to reach out to other potential constituents in the community. An interview is also a great option to include in your blog or vlog within the website and social media marketing.
  7. Webinar. Webinars not only share your brand and the organization’s mission, but they present your nonprofit as an expert in your field. Webinars serve as a useful content tool for educating, engaging and building up constituents.
  8. Podcast. Does your organization have something important to say? Do it with a podcast. Feature your podcast within your website or include it in your social media marketing to engage employees, volunteers and donors in every aspect of their lives.
  9. Quiz. Who doesn’t love taking the time for a fun quiz every now and then? Your nonprofit can either make a quiz within the website itself or use an online feature like Quiz Creator to create fun, goofy or even serious quizzes for online visitors and followers.
  10. Meme. These funny little pictures are a great way to get some laughs out of your content and present your organization as down-to-earth and relational. If you still feel a little shaky on the whole “meme phenomenon,” see our article on Merging Memes in Your Nonprofit Marketing.
  11. GIF. GIFs are basically the moving version of memes, and still draw in the laughs and relationships from content marketing. Get started on Getting Groovy with GIFs for Your NPO.
  12. Newsletter. Newsletters might not always be on your website, but they serve as the perfect content marketing example to go out into the world and engage your constituents one-on-one. Whether your newsletter is monthly or quarterly is up to you—but getting something out there with all your organization’s info is the most important part.
  13. Chart. Similar to infographics, a chart or graph can present statistics and factual information in ways that are easy for constituents to see, understand and consume. Create your graph, use it as an image and share it in your content marketing efforts.
  14. Research. In a world where so much content is just regurgitation of other content, original research feels like a breath of fresh air. See how you can get your employees or volunteers involved in conducting their own original research you can publish within your organization.
  15. eBook. Shorter, simpler and easier to produce than a full-blown book, an ebook is a great way to share your organization’s knowledge with others. Plus, it serves as a great way to promote content marketing within your website.
  16. Survey. Build your own organization’s survey using free tools like SurveyMonkey, then use those results to further your marketing efforts or cause. Surveys can easily be sent out in email marketing, and offer great filler content to go out into the community.
  17. Q&A session. Similar to an interview, a Q&A session is a simple, short-format way to get basic information about your organization out to the general public. Or bring in a guest from the community to answer questions from your constituents.
  18. List. List articles can be anything from listing the volunteer opportunities available, the donation items needed or even a list of the services your organization provides. Lists can be useful content because they get your point across in a clear and concise way. For example, check out this very article you are reading.
  19. Quote. Motivational quotes inspire, connect and demonstrate what matters most to your nonprofit. Try getting into the habit of sharing motivational quotes at least one day a week, and watch as constituents check back in to see the next quote.
  20. User-generated. Get your volunteers and donors involved by promoting user-generated content from them. See if any would be willing to share blog posts, share a video or take a picture related to the organization and include those in your marketing efforts.
  21. Illustration. Get creative with your content by reaching out to a local artist and using a cartoon, drawing or illustration. Fun engagement like these are a wonderful way of sharing your content with the community.
  22. Guide. How-to guides serve as a useful component of any content marketing strategy. What does your organization know which you can share with constituents? How can you guide constituents in a new direction? Put together a blog post, email or newsletter sharing this guide with others.
  23. Game. Games definitely have their role in a solid content marketing strategy. However you choose to integrate a game into your social content, they work as a fun way to get people involved. Check out different resources online to build games you feel interested in.
  24. Poll. Polls can be a little bit different than surveys—less in-depth and easier to complete. Use polls within content like your social media for a way to engage with followers and show their interest in the organization.
  25. Call to action. Calls to action can be content too. They can also be more descriptive than a simple “Donate now!” button. Integrate calls to action throughout your website and content marketing efforts for consistent engagement with constituents. Get some ideas by reading our article on 40 Call to Action Examples that Drive Engagement.
  26. Story. When it comes to content, telling a story is always valuable. You can tell this story in every avenue of your content marketing, from blogging, to social media, to infographics. Think of a story which reflects your organization’s mission and share it. Get some ideas and see How to Make Nonprofit Storytelling a Powerful Marketing Tool.
  27. Opinion. When writing content for your nonprofit, it can be natural to avoid controversial topics or stick to the facts on your cause. Still, try branching out and sharing a personal opinion piece, either by an employee or volunteer. Maybe your opinion is a little bit controversial. If it fits in with your mission, see how the opinion can gain traction and engagement through marketing.
  28. Joke. Share a joke with followers or website visitors for a lighthearted way to engage others through content.
  29. Email. Email marketing is one of the greatest uses of content marketing out there. Put together an email marketing campaign strategy for your nonprofit organization to see how your cause and mission can grow.
  30. Resource. Finally, resources! Share valuable content resources within your organization’s website to provide education and opportunities for visitors. These resources can be your own or can be outsourced from a different organization, but they still provide informative content for the NPO’s constituents.

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