Non-Alcoholic Gift Ideas for Pregnancy During the Holiday Season

The holidays are coming up, which means it’s the season of giving, giving, giving. The winter months are a time to give back to everyone special in your life—friends, family, coworkers or even complete strangers. Of course, one holiday gift favorite is wine. Wine is always a wonderful gift for fellow adults because of its delicious, fun and luxurious quality.

But what about those adults who can’t drink, like pregnant or nursing women, or those who have chosen to live an alcohol-free lifestyle? Fortunately, non-alcoholic wine is also an excellent idea for giving gifts over the holiday season. If you want to make someone on your gift list feel extra special over the holidays, check out some of our ideas for giving gifts with non-alcoholic wine.

One romantic holiday gift idea for a loved in your life is a date night basket. Put together a basket of his or her favorite non-alcoholic wines, cheeses, meats, breads and chocolates for a casual date night by the fireplace. The date night basket is perfect for an expecting mom in your life who needs a little romance, or for a couple you care about who might want to have a date on a budget. Decorate the basket with other tulle and bows to give it an extra pop.

Of course, for the exceptional wine lovers in your life, you can never go wrong with some fun wine accessories for the holidays. Pick out your favorite non-alcoholic wine options, then pair them with creative, fun or even downright goofy accessories.

Check out different wine holder options, corkscrews, wine stoppers, chillers, sleeves or cute wine markers to tell whose glass is whose. Everyone loves a great glass of wine, so get those who prefer a non-alcoholic option some accessories to go along with it.

For those who need some down time, give the gift of relaxation this holiday season with your non-alcoholic wine present. Pair his or her favorite wine with a luxurious candle, bath salts and dried flower petals. Or, try a bath bomb for a rejuvenating evening in. Throw in a little bit of chocolate or even a good book for the recipient to have a nice evening all to themselves.

A gift like this can be exceptionally useful for a pregnant or new mom, who needs time off her feet and a chance to re-energize. Check out some of Wines for Mother’s very own relaxing gift sets.

Finally, if your non-alcoholic wine gift is for a new or expecting mom in your life, try putting together a “Pregnancy Survival Kit” for her present. Include some non-alcoholic wine for those nights when she really just needs to unwind, throw in some comfy socks to ease her feet, a fun magazine, soothing cocoa butter or maybe even a jar of pickles. Pregnancy survival kits are a fun way to give a gift over the holidays that is actually useful to many expecting moms. Check online for different ideas to include in your survival kit.

This holiday season, get in the giving mood by including non-alcoholic wine in some of your loved ones’ presents. Whether it’s for a date night, fun accessories, relaxing evening at home or a pregnancy survival kit, non-alcoholic wine is a great option to include in your gift sets. Pick out your favorite and share the love as we head into the holidays.

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