Non-Alcoholic Options for the Holidays

Happy holidays! The holiday season is just around the corner, and soon the air will be filled with the smell of freshly cooked turkey, sweet cranberry sauce and delicious pumpkin pie. The holidays are a time for the whole family to come together and celebrate the season of gratitude and giving. But for some friends and family members, the holidays can bring about certain challenges.

For pregnant or nursing mothers, or those who have chosen to live an alcohol-free lifestyle, the holidays can be a bit difficult when it comes to finding things to drink. Options tend to be limited: either alcohol or water. But, there are lots of other options out there for delicious drinks which don’t include any alcohol. Including these in your holiday gatherings can make your family get togethers all the more welcoming and inclusive of everyone. What are some non-alcoholic options? We have some ideas to get you started.

To start off any holiday party, there are always the classic sweet drinks: hot chocolate, apple cider or even coffee. Drinks like these always go over well with holiday parties because they warm people up, literally from the inside out, and get them into the spirit of the season. But, hot drinks like these can still contain quite a bit of sugar, which some party-goers might not be a fan off. Additionally, some drinks—like coffee—can also contain caffeine, which isn’t always an option for pregnant or nursing mothers. So, while warm drinks like these might be a fun addition to any holiday party, they could still leave room for other options.

Secondly, another option for any party—no matter the time of year—is of course, soda. Soda is a delicious treat for the kids or for those choosing to live an alcohol-free lifestyle. For pregnant and nursing mothers, as well, soda can be an option, although it also contains caffeine. While most people do enjoy different kinds of soda, another issue arises with the sugar it contains. Some friends and family may have written off soda altogether for health reasons. Soda should definitely be on your list of non-alcoholic options for partygoers, but try out some healthier alternatives as well.

Another delicious drink which goes over well throughout the whole year are various juices and punch. Whether it’s lemonade, grape juice or some form of refreshing punch, juices like these are always a fan favorite among friends and families. They provide a tasty, light flavor to add into the mix of the holiday food and festivities. However, many of these juices and punches can also contain a large amount of sugar, which, for those who are trying to watch their weight over the next couple of months, can be a bit of an issue. Try including some juices and punch for your holiday party to see how you can liven up the celebration for guests.

Of course finally, there’s always the alcohol-free option. Previously alcoholic drinks like beer and wine can also come alcohol-free, which is a great choice for any holiday gathering. Not only are they more inclusive of adults who may be pregnant, nursing or have chosen to go alcohol-free, but they also contain much less sugar than regular non-alcoholic choices.

Alcohol-free wine in particular is the perfect choice for the season—it brings a sweet, decadent, deliciously bitter flavor with it to the dinner table, and pairs perfectly with whatever holiday meal your family chooses to eat. Having alcohol-free wine at your holiday parties this winter invites everyone into the conversation, and allows fellow adults who aren’t drinking alcohol to still have that sophisticated enjoyment of the holiday meals.

Who knows? More than likely, your guests who do enjoy alcohol may even be tempted to give it a try, and find a healthier alternative that still tastes great without the alcohol. If you’re a pregnant or nursing mother in particular, alcohol-free wines are a wonderful gift to have or to bring to a party and enjoy the same fun atmosphere, without having to worry about your little bundle of joy.

The holiday season is a perfect time for friends and family to come together, celebrate and give thanks for a wonderful year. Whether you host or attend a party this year, try giving the gift of inclusion by offering alcohol-free options to guests. Whether it’s hot chocolate, apple cider, coffee or juice, everyone came come together. Or, give an even healthier option with an extra edge of sophistication by providing non-alcoholic wines. You may be surprised at how much your guests enjoy the delicious alternative of an alcohol-free lifestyle.

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