Nonprofit Marketing: 40 Call to Action Examples that Drive Engagement

If your nonprofit organization has an online presence, you’ve probably heard about some of the essentials to strengthening your web presence: updated website, strong social networking, email marketing, etc. You may already know how to ask potential constituents to get involved and donate to your cause. But, nonprofits often misunderstand what online calls to action are and how they can affect your organization.

A strong call to action (CTA) contributes to the success of any institution. For your nonprofit, it can make the difference between heightened donor involvement and diminished opportunities. Calls to action are exactly what they sound like—words or phrases that drive visitors to take a specific action on your site. In other words, they function as the stepping stone between website visitors just passing by and those who feel invested enough to get involved in your cause.

You should include effective CTAs throughout your website, social media, email messages and especially on your nonprofit organization (NPO)’s landing pages. When it comes to crafting useful and compelling calls to action, keep these helpful pointers in mind.

  • Use action words. There’s a reason we call it a call to action. When constructing a CTA button, use powerful, compelling verbs that attract visitors and drive engagement (e.g., change, act, fight, explore, intervene and transform.)
  • Be concise. Keep it simple. State the necessities in as few words as possible.
  • Talk about needs. While maintaining succinctness, make sure your visitors fully understand what your nonprofit does. For example, instead of using the CTA Donate on a landing page, try Help children fighting pediatric cancer. Donate now!
  • Choose colors. Design plays a huge role in crafting a creative CTA. Use eye-catching, contrasting colors that catch visitors’ attention and draw them in. And understand how colors impact your audience’s conversion. For example, red evokes urgency while blues symbolizes trust and security.
  • State the urgency. For an NPO, you can’t wait to impact the world. Create a sense of urgency of your cause with a call to action that reaches viewers immediately. Words like now and today are convenient options.
  • Get emotional. Tug on people’s heartstrings by putting emotion into your organization’s calls to action. Your cause matters; tell visitors why.
  • Go step-by-step. People love CTAs they can follow easily. When crafting your call to action, ask yourself: “If I had no idea what was going on, would people follow this easily on my site?” If not, you may want to rethink how your website design enables people to take action.
  • Think “I want to…” Imagine your call to action as an “I want to” button. Nobody wants to submit a form. But they may want to join the fight!

By following these simple pointers, your nonprofit organization can easily create calls to action that will generate constituent leads. Now that you’ve got some tips to structure your ask, get started with these 40 call to action examples ideas.

1. Keep me informed. 21. Talk to us.
2. Make a donation. 22. Impact the life of (blank) today.
3. Give us a call. 23. Find out more!
4. Join the fight! 24. Give to (blank).
5. Learn more. 25. Click here and donate!
6. Become an ambassador. 26. Take action!
7. End (blank) today. 27. Volunteer with us.
8. Join our mailing list. 28. Fight (blank) now.
9. Become a member! 29. Find an event near you.
10. Give to our cause. 30. Donate here.
11. Help (blank) in need. 31. Save the (blank) now.
12. Get involved! 32. Start today!
13. Volunteer with us. 33. Subscribe to our blog.
14. Follow these steps! 34. Give to (blank) in need.
15. Support (blank) now. 35. Transform (blank) lives today!
16. Complete your gift. 36. Give $(blank) to help (blank) today.
17. Stop unjust (blank). 37. Sustain our mission.
18. Protect (blank) from (blank). 38. Make a difference in (year).
19. Advocate for our cause. 39. Show your support by helping (blank) today.
20. Sign up for our newsletter. 40. Partner with us to help (blank).


When it comes to your nonprofit organization’s online presence, carefully-crafted calls to action are vitally important. A CTA that draws visitors in and generates constructive leads will result in higher donations for your NPO and further your cause.

By following valuable pointers and utilizing these top 40 call to action examples, your nonprofit organization can develop effective CTAs and impact the world.

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