Planning a Baby Shower! Helpful Tips to Get You Started

So, you’re planning a baby shower. You envision goofy games, beautiful decorations and delicious snacks. You want this baby shower to be perfect, but one single question keeps turning around in your head: Where do you start?

There are quite a few things to keep in mind when planning a baby shower to make sure it comes out great, especially for the mommy-to-be. How can you remember all of it? Don’t worry, we have you covered! Today we run through the basics of planning a baby shower: things to keep in mind, how to get started and how to plan the best shower possible.

Budget Building

First and foremost, establish your budget. Are you planning on surprising your loved one with her baby shower, or is she pitching in? Maybe a group of you are combining funds. Or maybe you’ve decided to take on the costs yourself. Whatever the decision, establishing your budget early-on will ensure the baby shower is a success both for the future mommy and your wallet.

Outline the budget, then estimate how much different components will cost. Check online to view other recommendations and see typical costs when planning a shower. Get a good idea in mind for your budget, then make sure to stick with it throughout the event planning process.

Location, Location, Location

Next up: decide where and when. Obviously, the most important component is making sure the guest of honor can make it. However, you still want to have as many guests as possible to celebrate with. For your location, decide if you want to host it at a private residence, or in a public place. A public location may cost more from your budget, but could be worth it in the long run if you have more space for guests. On the flip side, a private residence could be nice for celebrating closely, but may end up being pretty tight to fit everyone.

Weigh the options and check with locations to see when they’re available and what best fits everyone’s schedule. Keep in mind that planning early—such as a month or more in advance—will give everyone time to get the date on their calendar and make sure to be there.


Choose a theme which fits the mommy-to-be’s personality. Maybe she’s very laid back, and doesn’t really care about a theme. Maybe she’s a fashionista, and would love a chic, modern theme. Get her involved with planning and thinking through components that best represent her and the future baby. Once you establish a theme—or no theme—planning becomes a smooth road as you choose invitations, decorations and presents which what you’re going for.

Loved Ones List

Putting together a list of friends and family to invite can sometimes be the most difficult part of planning a baby shower. Sit down with the future mother and her loved ones to compile a list everyone feels comfortable with. Remember, the size of the party can result in very different dynamics. Decide what size to aim for, then stick to it.

Is there a specific age group you’re hoping for? Are you including both men and women? Consider these questions when putting together the invite list. Once you have it compiled, the invites will be easy to accomplish because they fit in with the theme.

Decorations Galore

Here comes the best part! Decorations galore! This is where you can get a bit more creative and pick out surprises for the guest of honor. Take friends or family along with you to choose decorations which fit your theme and match the mommy’s personality best. Consider decorations that go with the season. For example, a fall baby shower may include “little pumpkins.” Even if you do not have a specific theme, choose decorations that are similar to each other and fit in a color palette, so the party has a cohesive, clean and cute design to it.

Playing Games

Games are one of the best parts of any baby shower. Choose games which are fun and engaging, while also being inclusive of everybody there. Check online for game ideas that are easy to put into action, have simple steps and can create a fun experience for everyone. Stock up on materials you might need, such as pens, paper and other odds and ends.

Finally, decide on whether or not you want prizes for the games, and if you do, put together some cute goody bags for guests to take home. Games are a great way to loosen up conversation at the party and start it off on a high note.

Scrumptious Snacks and Delicious Drinks

Last, but definitely not least, choose snacks and drinks for guests. Be sure to include options that can appeal to everyone, such as sweets, but also healthy alternatives. Light snacks which leave guests feeling content but not overly full are a great place to start.

When it comes to drinks, check with the guest of honor for her thoughts. Non-alcoholic wines are a great choice for baby showers because they include the mommy-to-be and still leave the event feeling festive and sophisticated. If you do decide to include alcohol for those who may be interested, have both options available to guests, so they can decide based on their preference. Alcohol-free wines are a great hit for soon-to-be moms because of their delicious flavor and adapted lifestyle approach.

Planning a baby shower for your friend or family member may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! Follow these tips to get your shower off to a great start, and enjoy celebrating the new parents and baby.

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