Valentine’s Day Planning for Sober Couples

Happy month of love! The month of February commemorates many important things, such as Black History Month, American Heart Month and, as you might have remembered, the month honoring St. Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to go the extra mile and show your significant other how much you truly care about him or her. However, for individuals and couples who choose to live an alcohol-free lifestyle, this month and holiday can be particularly difficult. Advertisements, stores and even friends and family encourage giving alcohol as a gift to your significant other and going out on dates with alcohol, which turns alcohol into almost an integral component of the holiday itself. When you live an alcohol-free lifestyle, this can be particularly difficult.

But, it doesn’t have to be like that. There are lots of ways for you and your loved one to celebrate this Valentine’s Day the sober way, without having to worry about whether or not alcohol will be a factor. Today we share some Valentine’s Day planning ideas for sober couples and individuals to utilize this month. This way, you can enjoy the holiday, enjoy your loved one and continue to maintain a happy and healthy alcohol-free lifestyle.

1. Take a day-trip.

If you’re trying to avoid alcohol this Valentine’s Day, then be sure to stay away from activities that might feel “incomplete” without alcohol, for example, dinner at a fancy restaurant. Instead, opt for dates that feel completely normal without alcohol, such as a day trip. Go to an art museum, pack a picnic to take to the park or go for a long walk by the water. Depending on where you live, get out and about and take a day trip for a date your loved one won’t ever forget. And when the day comes to an end, have a relaxing evening at home with dinner and a movie, where you won’t have to worry about alcohol getting involved.

2. Check out the community.

On the day trip, be sure to check out events, stores or opportunities in your local community. Oftentimes, neighborhoods will have live music, poetry, a festival or other fun activities going on to celebrate Valentine’s Day. While some of these events might have alcohol, others might not, or the alcohol could be easily avoided. Check online or talk with friends and family to see what fun events might be going on near you this holiday, and take your significant other with you to celebrate together.

3. Create a scavenger hunt.

For an enjoyable day or evening of exploring, craft a scavenger hunt that the two of you can do together. For example, create an intricate hunt that leads your date to places that have been memorable throughout your relationship, such as your first date, first kiss or where you first met. A fun and exciting activity like this is the perfect opportunity to celebrate Valentine’s Day together, without feeling distracted by or the need for alcohol.

4. Get outdoors.

If the weather permits this Valentine’s Day, get outside with your significant other for more adventurous activities like hiking, biking or camping. For an active couple with an active lifestyle, get outdoors and celebrate activities where you can experience a “natural high” without the help of alcohol. For people who choose to live a completely alcohol-free lifestyle, exercising, eating well and spending time outdoors can become a huge part of the new life. Celebrate this holiday by breathing in some fresh air and bonding through nature.

5. Take a class.

Lots of community centers, nonprofit organizations and even small businesses offer various classes for a fun and eventful evening with your loved one. Options can include anything from dancing, to cooking, to art. This is the perfect way to spend time together, learn something new and have a memorable celebration without alcohol. Check out what classes are available in your community or neighborhood and pick something that the two of you can celebrate together. If possible, you could even check online for potential discounts and savings when signing up.

6. Give back to others.

Volunteering might not be the first thing that jumps in your mind when you think about Valentine’s Day, but it definitely can be. What better way to celebrate the love you and your significant other share than sharing with others? Spend time together and help make a difference in your community by volunteering with an organization or cause that matters to both of you. Check out what’s going on in your community and celebrate Valentine’s Day by spending time together, meeting others and helping people in the process. All this goes to show that you definitely can have a meaningful Valentine’s Day without a single drop of alcohol.

Valentine’s Day will soon be here, so find the perfect way to celebrate with your loved one. The holiday does not have to be mutually exclusive from an alcohol-free lifestyle, so try out some of these fun date ideas. Celebrate Valentine’s Day while still staying happy, healthy and alcohol-free with your significant other.