Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Pregnant Women

Ah, love. Pink hearts fluttering around like confetti, roses soaking in a vase upon the table and the sweet smell of love floating through the air. Valentine’s Day is almost here. The holiday is just around the corner, which means the time has come to find that perfect gift for your significant other; or, if you’re the gift-giving type, for friends and family in your life.

Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift can already be difficult enough (hello, could they get any cheesier?), but finding a Valentine’s gift for an expecting mother can be an extra challenge. Maybe the smell of flowers makes her nauseous, or chocolate upsets her already sensitive stomach, or she just doesn’t feel like going out this year. No matter what it is, celebrating Valentine’s Day with your pregnant significant other is a unique experience. You can make it even more memorable by giving her the perfect gift that she’ll actually enjoy this year. We have some gift ideas for you to try this Valentine’s Day.

The first gift idea is one that keeps on giving. Chances are, the pregnant woman in your life might have some aches and pains during this transition. Help give her some comfort by surprising her with a gift certificate for a prenatal massage. A prenatal massage is the perfect gift to help relax her hips, lower back and pelvic pain, so she can feel more comfortable this Valentine’s Day.

Or, even consider taking it a step further and surprising her with a complete and total spa day, where she can be pampered, primped and find sweet relief from pent-up stress. A prenatal massage paired with a mani-pedi and maybe even some time soaking in a warm bubble bath is the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift she needs.

If your pregnant loved one is interested in something a little more lasting, consider getting her a gift that can last through pregnancy and beyond. For example, a piece of jewelry with the birthstone for her soon-to-be little one is a wonderful way to show her you care, while also celebrating the new gift in your lives. Or, consider surprising her with a casting kit to mold around her pregnant belly, so she can always remember this sweet time. For the soon-to-be moms with a passion for shopping, gift her a cute maternity outfit, to show off her baby bump and help her feel comfortable and confident in her changing body. Gifts like these embrace the love of Valentine’s Day, while giving her something she can keep and use over and over again.

For pregnant women who have a lot on their plate, try giving them the gift of some help. For example, if a this isn’t a mom’s first pregnancy and she has a few other little ones running around, why not give her a total day off? Hire a babysitter or take care of the kiddos yourself and give your pregnant loved one a full day to do whatever she wants—go shopping, get some peace and quiet or just have some time to take a nap. Moms rarely get the luxury of being alone, so help make her Valentine’s Day special by giving her the opportunity for some completely quiet alone time.

Finally, help your pregnant significant other encapsulate this time in her memory through a maternity photo shoot. Maternity photo shoots are the perfect way to look back and remember a sweet Valentine’s Day before your little one came into the world, and make the soon-to-be mommy feel extra beautiful and special. Find a local photographer in your area to snap a few pics of her, the two of you together or if you have other kiddos, get the whole family involved.

On the other hand, if your pregnant partner is feeling a little down, overweight or unattractive over Valentine’s Day during this time, consider a pregnancy lingerie photoshoot. Help her feel sexy and striking during a time when her self-esteem might be challenged, and remember this moment in time forever (although, maybe not show these pictures to the future children).

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so help make it special for the pregnant woman in your life. Think outside the box of flowers, chocolate and stuffed animals, to give her something that truly captures this time in your lives. Whether it’s a relaxing day at the spa, a beautiful birthstone necklace or a sexy lingerie photoshoot, make Valentine’s Day memorable during her pregnancy. Try out some of these ideas this year and celebrate together with a glass of sparkling, alcohol-free wine.