Wearing Maternity Clothes that Flatter Your Body

As an expecting mother, you know about how your body changes during pregnancy. If this is your first child, all of the feelings and experiences might be completely shocking. At first, things seemed pretty normal; just some feelings of uneasiness here and there. Then, things started getting weirder, and soon enough your clothes weren’t fitting right, things felt uncomfortable and “the bump” was getting bigger.

For new mothers, or even moms who have been through pregnancy before, learning how to dress the bump can be a serious challenge. What can you wear that’s both comfortable and cute? Fear not—pregnancy doesnot mean you have to give up your style or comfort level. We have all the tips for how to wear maternity clothes that flatter your body.

First and foremost, let’s recognize one thing: not all maternity clothes work for all pregnant women. Just like with women who aren’t pregnant, there are different body types, different shapes and different kinds of baby bumps. Some women gain weight just in the belly, but many discover that baby weight distributes all over the body. Some have a baby bump that sits high, and some sit low on the abdomen. No matter how your baby bump settles, there are clothes out there that can still make you look and feel great.

For the petite woman: if you were small before pregnancy, chances are you’re still small now. As is often the case with petite women, the bump has nowhere to go but out. However, the rest of you might still be pretty tiny. A good pair of fitted jeans is perfect to show off the shape of your legs and accentuate your bump. Include a soft ruched maternity top and cinched belt to really highlight your curves for a casual and comfortable look. Or, dress it up with a form-fitted printed dress. Because of your small size, prints will look perfect throughout your pregnancy.

For the curvy mama: if you’re feeling big all over during your pregnancy, fret not. Lots of women experience baby weight that distributes all over, swelling from the limbs to the face. For you, soft fabrics and longer lines are the perfect ways to help you feel both stylish and comfortable, while showing off your beautiful bump. Try a soft knit, form-fitting dress with a hemline that hits the knee, and add on a long sweater at about the same length to really elongate your figure. For casual days, embrace the legging! Pair some sheek black leggings with a long, comfy tunic, and dress it up with a cute pattern, embroidery or beading. You will feel longer, leaner and definitely more comfortable.

For women who carry low: if you carry low, the baby bump sits just above your hips, and can make dressing feel practically impossible. To keep comfortable, make sure your maternity clothes are soft on the waistline, and hit below the bump. Choose a pair of cute maternity jeans or joggers with an elastic waistband to keep the belly comfy. Pair this look with a long, soft maternity shirt or sweater that draws attention up toward your face. Or, for fun days out on the go, try a jumpsuit on for size! Jumpsuits are perfect for your low baby bump because of their long, sleek style and stretchy mid-section that lets your belly breathe.

Finally, for women who carry high: your baby bump is popping high and out, making it easier to rock some really cute maternity looks. A key aspect for you is defining your curves by separating your bust from your bump with high belts, ties and color-block separates. For classy days, choose a comfortable, high-waisted skirt and pair it with a tucked-in tank of a complimentary—but different—color. Or, go for an elegant look with a sweeping maxi dress in an airy fabric and eye-catching pattern. Cinch it with a belt right above the bump to give your curves more definition, and add a jacket for cooler days.

Of course, no matter your body shape or size, there are some things all pregnant women should have in their closet, including the perfect maternity bra, a fitted dress and some cute maternity pants. Don’t be afraid toembrace your bump, and show it off with form-fitting clothing, bright colors and cute—but not bulky—layers. With the right pieces, you’ll be amazed at just how cute and comfy you can feel while pregnant.

Maternity doesn’t mean you have to give up on your search for great style. No matter your shape or size, there is something flattering out there for every type of bump. Try out some of these tips to stay stylish and comfortable, embrace your bump and feel fabulous throughout your pregnancy.

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